The Society

“Say you have been at Worcester, where England’s sorrows began, and where they are happily ended.”

So said Hugh Peters, who was the Parliamentary army chaplain at Worcester, when preaching at Powick Bridge to the victorious army of Parliament after the battle in September 1651.

By a twist of historical irony, Worcester also saw the first engagement of forces from both sides in the first English Civil War at Powick Bridge in 1642.

The battle of Worcester, fought on September 3rd 1651, is recognised as the last battle of the three English Civil Wars and was the last military engagement in the career of Oliver Cromwell and the first and only military command of King Charles ll.

It was the battle that saw the Royalist cause defeated, once and for all, by Parliament.  The monarchy no longer ruled.  Parliament established the Commonwealth & Protectorate of England  after the battle and so began the first and only republic in England’s history.

The Society

The society was formed in 2006 in order to raise the awareness of the historical significance of the battle. Membership was open to anyone who wants to become involved in reliving and reteaching the history of the battle. The society did not hold any opinion regarding the battle, nor did they express any political or religious views.


The aim of the society was to advance education surrounding the Battle of Worcester. It’s important that history is not forgotten, or else it may relive itself. Not only did the society educate on the Battle of Worcester, but they also educated on other battles of the English civil wars

Done By

The society did this by supporting and assisting the improvement of the areas associated with the Battle of Worcester. Conservation and development of the facilities is of paramount importance. It’s also important that these areas be made available to the public.


The leaders of the society were as follows:

The Lord Saye & Sele
The Hon. Lady Rosalind Morrison
Hon. Robin Wallace
Mr Henry Berkeley
Mr John S B Bennett
Mr John Peters MBA, BSc, MRAeS
Mr R Horsfall
Ms Diane Rapaport (USA)

We greatly appreciate the efforts that the aforementioned put forth in trying to educate the masses on the Battle of Worcester.