Sponsored Post: Dog Playpens Can Save Lives

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Dog playpens can save lives – not just of people, but of dogs as well. Dog attacks have plagued the human race for many, many years. While they have become much less frequent now that dogs are domesticated, they do still occur.

One of the best ways to prevent a dog attack is to make sure you have a dog enclosure to put your pet in when they’re misbehaving – or if you know you’re going to have people over. Dogs often get excited – this isn’t news. It’s best if you have an enclosure, such as a dog playpen, to put the dog in when they’re getting excited.

The dog playpen limits the area in which the dog can roam around in. You can create the safe place for them to play! The dog playpen gives the dog a den-like place that is there own.

The majority of dogs often feel very safe in their dog play pen, much as they would a dog crate. This is because owners often put familiar items, such as toys and blankets inside of the pet playpen.

It’s very important that you slowly introduce your dog to their dog playpen before just placing them in it. Most dog playpens, such as the ones recommended here, come with a panel that can be taken off or with a door that can be opened. This allows your dog to explore the dog playpen at their own convenience and on their own terms. Once your dog is familiar with their dog playpen, you can fully enclose it.

Make sure you reward your dog with a dog treat whenever they first enter their playpen willingly. Also play with your dog when they’re in the playpen – this will make them feel much more comfortable being in there.

Dogs are much less likely to act up if they’re in a comfortable place. This is in the same vein as children – which is what your dog essentially is.

If you have a puppy or a dog and like to have people over, it’s best if you buy them a dog playpen. You can check out dog playpen reviews at our sponsor’s website: http://bestdogcratesandbeds.com/product-reviews/best-dog-playpen/.

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